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What is Luna Tribal Event?

Luna Tribal Event is a two-day dance event focused on developing and supporting dance art and tribal bellydance community. The Event include workshops, Tribal Party and Bazaar.

Terms and conditions

When and where will the Event take a place?

Luna Tribal Event 2023 takes place November 11-12, 2023.

Krakow, Poland



How can I book workshops?

The booking windows opens:

  1. Early Bird - September 18 - October 1, 2023

  2. Regular Bird - October 16 - November 1, 2023

  3. Late Bird - November 6 - November 10, 2023

Book workshops


How can I buy tickets for Tribal Party ?

All tickets are be available HERE.



How does the booking work?  

You fill the form during the period when booking window is open. After booking window closes, your booking will be processed and you will get all details and invoice by e-mail.

For studio leaders and teachers who wants to participate in workshops with their students we propose special conditions and bonuses. Please contact us. Group application must be submitted by e-mail

50% Payments should be made within 5 days from receive invoice by e-mail.
The other part of payment should be done until 10.11.2023.

Prepayment for participation in workshops is non-refundable.

You can donate or sell your workshops (same price or less) to others with a notice to the organizer.

Booking workshops

Can I participate online?

Yes! You can participate in person In Krakow, online via Zoom or/and practice with a recording.


​Are there any other requests for the participants?

All dancers (in past, now and in future) are welcome.

Please remember that you attend at your own risk if you have any problems with health.

Please visit your doctor before attending a workshop.

In which language are the workshops taught?

We are the international Event, so all workshops are on English.



Performing at the Gala Show and at the Tribal Party

Tribal Party

The Party will be with cozy atmosphere. There can perform all tribal style dancers. 

The quantity of performances is limited to action duration.

How can I perform at the Tribal Party?

Performance Application Form opens from September 18 till November 1 (or until availability).

We process all applications and you will get the answer by your e-mail. 

Performance at the Tribal Party is available to all participants of the workshops

Performing multiple times

​If you want to perform multiple times, please fill Performance Application Forms for each performance. Performers with more workshop bookings for more performances will be prioritized.

​Filling form

All details you will find in the performance application form. At first we just need basic information from you (name, style, topic, idea) to book the spot for you. You can change your answers. You will have to add all missing answers before deadlines. 

You need to fill the performance application after you book workshops.

Can you guarantee me a performance spot?

Yes, Early Bird workshops Booking Windows. After these period it depends of quantity of free spots.

Your chances are higher the faster you booking workshops and fill out the application form.

What kind of performances are welcome?

We accept tribal style performances (Tribal Fusion Bellydance, ATS/FCBD style, ITS etc.). We are Tribal Dance Event. 


When will I know if I got a performance spot?

The early bird catches the worm. After each booking window closes, we process the performance applications. You will get the answer via email.


What are the deadlines for performance information?

DEADLINE is October 31.

Can I send you performance information via email (message, WhatsApp etc)?

Please don`t do this. We have applications forms for all information for all participants. So please, fill the forms. Also you will be able to update info in your form.


Will there be photos and videos of the Tribal Party?

Yes, there will be professional photo and video shooting during the event. Selected photo and video will be uploaded to open access. Performers will be able to purchase photos and video material of their performances in high resolution.

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