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You can order a dance, which I will create just for you.

I will help to translate your thoughts into shape.

​I will help with the implementation of the idea, the selection of a costume and a character.

And of course I will create choreography for you.

​Every time when I see my choreographies performed by dancers, I am incredibly happy and proud.

The process

1. Music

We will select the music for your dance.

2. Idea

We will work out the idea and image, details and movements, the character that is inherent in your character.

3. Costume

I can help you choose the right costume, and I can also create a suit especially for you.

4. Creating choreo

I will send you a videos with detailed explanations of the technique. The choreography is created in parts, so that you feel comfortable learning it and we can make changes in time if necessary.

5. Feedback

At the end of the work, you send me your video and I give feedback and help bring your dance to the ideal.

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