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The main focus of Luna Tribal Event (further in the text Event) is to promote and encourage art, creativity, and education within the dance community.

By participating in the Event and its activities, you are agreeing to abide by a set of rules. Failure to comply may result in your exclusion from the Event.

The festival, along with its organizers and participants, strongly oppose any military actions. They also condemn racism, religious and ethnic intolerance, as well as any extreme displays of hostility or rejection towards others.

All participants of the festival are expected to show respect towards the organizers, teachers, and other attendees. Conflicts and disputes should be avoided during the Event.

The Event hold the rights to any photos and videos taken at the festival by official photographers and videographers.

Any prepayment made for workshop participation is non-refundable.

If you are unable to attend the workshops, you have the option to either donate or sell your spot to someone else, notifying the organizer.

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